COVID-19 Outreach

This Is Our Shot! SELA Presente.

The SELA Collaborative received funding from WeVAX+, a program of the Public Health Institute, through the State of California Government Operations Agency. 

This funding was used in 2021 to have a direct impact on the SELA community’s access to and knowledge of state vaccine efforts. We carried out this work in partnership with the YMCA, Southeast Community Development Corporation, COFEM, Hub Cities, Latino Equality Alliance, HSA, AltaMed, Alliance for Better Community, and Instituto de Avance Latino.

Getting our #SELA communities vaccinated! #SELAstrong

“The Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) account for approximately 50% of a person’s health when considering the environment in which people live. Poor SDoH have been created and perpetuated over decades of disinvestment in working-class communities of color like SELA and codified into law through structural discrimination and racist or nativist policies.”